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Tags feature in salesforce.

Tags feature in salesforce.

Tags are some keywords that you can use with your records to make a search easier and organize the records in your personalized way. For example, in your organization, you have thousands of account records, but you want to organize the accounts that were created in the summer of 2014, so that the next time you search for the account records, you simply need to search summer 2014.

There are two types of tags that are provided by Salesforce:

        Personal Tags: These are private to a specific user.
        Public Tags: These are public and available for all users.

To use the tags feature, you need to enable it. To enable tags, follow these instructions:

1.   Navigate to Setup | Build | Customize | Tags | Tab Settings.
2.   Select Enable Personal Tags as shown in the following screenshot:

3.  Select the layout on which you want to show the tagging feature. In our case, select the Account Layout option and click on the Save button, as shown in the following screenshot: 

4. Now, go to any of the account record detail pages and you will see a button Add Tags as shown in the following screenshot:

5.  Enter the tag that you want to give to this account; in our case, enter Summer 14 and click on Save as shown in the following screenshot: 

6.  Now, the tag will be associated with this account, and you can see the related tags in the upper-right corner of the account.

In a similar way, you can enable public tags, and they will be available to all users.

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