Thursday, December 17, 2015

Approver settings in salesforce

Approver settings

Approver settings can be used to opt out of receiving e-mail notifications for
approval or to delegate an approver on our behalf.

To configure the approver settings, follow these steps:
1. Select the Name tab and click on My Settings.
2. Select the Personal tab and click on Approver Settings.
3. Select your Delegated Approver (except a group or queue).
4. Select your Manager.
5. Select any of the options from the drop-down list next to Receive Approval
Request Emails, as shown in the following screenshot:

6. We can set any of the following options regarding e-mail notifications:
  • If I am an approver or delegated approver
  • Only if I am an approver
  • Only if I am a delegated approver
  • Never

When an approval request e-mail is sent to the assigned approver, the delegated approver also receives an e-mail notification that there is an approval request to review. Delegated approvers can't reassign approval requests; they can only approve or reject the approval.

7. Click on Save.

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