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Holiday settings in salesforce.

Holiday settings in salesforce.

Let's start with an example. Srinivas is working as a support agent in a company. He is resolving an ample amount of cases per day, and the response time for every case is 3 hours. Now, he is worried because April 18 is a holiday for Good Friday and if cases come in on that day, they will be escalated to the manager.
Holiday settings define that your organization is not working on that day. If some cases are raised on that day and waiting for a service agent response, Salesforce will not count that day as a working day and the case will not be escalated.
Setting up the holiday settings
To set up the holiday settings for your organization, follow these steps:
1.  Navigate to Setup | Administer | Company Profile | Holidays.

2.  Click on the New button.

3. Enter data in the Holiday Name, Description, Date, and Time fields. You can set recurring holidays as well. To do that, select the Recurring Holiday checkbox and fill in the Frequency, Start Date, and End Date fields:
4. Click on Save

Associating holidays with business hours

You can associate holidays with business hours so that Salesforce can suspend any escalation rules associated with it. There are two ways to associate business hours and holidays.
Method 1 – associate business hours with holidays
To associate business hours with holidays, follow these steps:
1.  Navigate to Setup | Administer | Company Profile | Holidays.
2.  Click on the holiday from the Holidays list

3. It will open the Holidays detail page.
4. Click on Add/Remove from the Business Hours list.
5. In addition, add any Business Hours as per your needs. 

It will associate one holiday with multiple business hours.

Method 2 – associate holidays with business hours
Another way to associate holidays with business hours is from the business hours instead. To associate holidays with business hours, follow these steps:
1.  Navigate to Setup | Administer | Company Profile | Business hours.
2.  Click on the Business Hours option from the available list:

3.  It will open Business Hours detail page.
4.  From the Holidays list, click on the Add/Remove button.
5.  It will redirect you to the next screen where you can associate the current business hours with multiple holidays:

This will associate multiple holidays with one business hour.

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