Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Salesforce list all dynamic dashboard

Dynamic dashboard is great to enable each user to see the data they only have access to or their team have access to, without the need to create separate dashboard using a fix user "viewing as".

But, each organization can have up to 5 dynamic dashboards for Enterprise Edition and 10 dynamic dashboards for Unlimited Edition, additional dynamic dashboards may be available for purchase separately.

So, it important for system admin to track all dashboards configured as dynamic dashboard. Many admin do not sure how to track or list down all dashboards configured as dynamic dashboard.

Here we go
1. Create a custom report type with primary object = Dashboards
2. Create new report using report type created in Step 1
3. Add filter of "Dashboard running user" NOT EQUALS TO "Run as specified user"
4. Run the report. You will see it will only show Dashboard Running User with data equal to 'Let authorized users change running user' and 'Run as logged-in user'

Have fun...


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