Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Salesforce sharing button

Sharing is a nice feature in Salesforce to share a record to other user, particularly when 'Organization-Wide Defaults' is set to Private or 'Public Read Only'.

By clicking Sharing button, you’ll see who can see that record and why (sharing rule, group, role hierarchy, manual share etc).

The Sharing button allows users to extend the sharing of a record such as a lead, opportunity, or case. However, the Sharing button only displays when appropriate.

The Sharing button is available when your sharing model is either Private or Public Read Only for a type of record or related record. For example, the Sharing button may appear on an account even though your sharing model for accounts is Public Read/Write if your sharing model for related opportunities is Public Read Only.

But, sometimes Sharing button is not shown for particular user, while administrator able to see the button in the same page layout. So many admins think, user not able to see the button because user do not have permission set in the profile assigned, and this is not correct.

Sharing button only will be shown if user fulfill following criteria:
- administrator
- the record owner
- users in a role hierarchy above the record owner, and
- users that has been granted with “Full Access” sharing
If user is not one of them, he/she will not see the button, although user able to access the record.

Furthermore, sharing is disabled if the sharing model is set to "Controlled By Parent", which happens when you create a master-detail relationship.

Lastly, you cannot manually share a contact which not linked to an account.


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