Friday, January 24, 2014

Chatter: can user delete feed or comment?

Sometimes user need to delete feed or comment post to Chatter, but can user (read: not system administrator) to delete it?

Yes, you can delete posts and comments that you and others have made in these areas: on the Chatter feed on your profile, on records you own, and on posts and comments you’ve made in other feeds. Deleted posts disappear from your feed and you can’t restore a post after you delete it. Users with the “Modify All Data” permission can delete all posts and comments.

Here a quick summary:

  • User can delete their own comment
  • User can delete other people comment to their feed
  • User cannot delete other people feed

But, if you are group owner of a group, you can do more things within the group:

  • User can edit group setting
  • User can edit group information
  • User can edit group description
  • User can delete people comment to group
  • User cannot delete feed on group change

Extra: use @username to show your post on people feed, even that people is not following you, and follower of that user will see that feed as well.


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