Wednesday, January 8, 2014 hidden features come with tons of features for administrator to make everything their live easy. But, do you know if there is more features which is not enable by default. You need to contact support to enable it.

Here are few features a consultant usually love:

1. Ability to update created date and last modify date

This sound crazy? But yes, sometimes you need this when do initial data migration to

2. Extended Mail Merge

With Extended Mail Merge, you can easily generate mail merge Word documents

3. Person Account

For some companies, not all of your customer is company, instead just linked all contacts to the same Account, you can request to enable Person Account.

4. Remove Price and Quantity fields from Opportunity Product

Rather than always put 1 to quantity, you can request support to remove price and quantity from opportunity product page layout

5. Upgrade file attachment size to 10 MB

By default, user allowed to upload file to attachment maximum 5 MB per file, but we can request to make it to 10 MB.

6. Email Relay

We can request all email send out from via our email server for audit or security purpose or etc, we can enable this feature.

7. Encrypted Field

Some confidential data, like credit card number; need to be protect. User should not able to see the information unless he is the person needed. With enabling encrypted field, admin can manage only some users able to view sensitive data, but be aware that encrypted field is not searchable and the data length is shorter.

8. Multi Currencies

Multi national companies will get most advantages once multi currency enabled. We can use it in opportunity, forecast in reports.

9. Sandboxes

Number and type of sandbox is depend on your edition, but you can purchase sandboxes as needed.

For complete information, please check this wiki.


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