Monday, February 24, 2014

What are Sandbox templates?

What are Sandbox templates?

The Summer ’13 release includes a couple major changes for sandbox users: templates and a new look that makes it even easier to create and manage your sandboxes.

Sandboxes contain copies of your organization’s configuration and (optionally) data. Use sandboxes for training or to test, configure, and deploy changes to a production organization. Full sandboxes are particularly useful for development teams to coordinate testing and deployment to production organizations.
Previously, when you created a Full sandbox, all of your organization’s data was copied to the sandbox. Now, Sandbox templates let you pick-and-choose specific objects and data to copy to a Full sandbox, save your preferences, and then reuse the template for new Full sandboxes.

Why Use Templates?

Sandbox templates:

  • Give you the ability to keep sensitive data from a Full sandbox.
  • Control the size of a Full sandbox. Smaller sandboxes are created and refreshed more quickly than large ones.
  • Maintain multiple, reusable templates for different use-cases and development teams.

Sandboxes are now easier to use, too…

The Summer ’13 release also includes an enhanced Sandbox user interface.
The new pages:
  • Tell you how many of each sandbox license you have (and how many are in use).
  • Provide more information about each type of sandbox to help you decide which one to use.
  • Walk you through the steps to create a new sandbox.
  • Include Sandbox Templates and Sandbox History tabs with detailed information to help you manage your templates and sandboxes

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