Thursday, February 27, 2014

How to check Record Type enabled for Salesforce Profiles easily?

How to check Record Type enabled for Salesforce Profiles easily?

To check if a record type is enabled for specific profile is easy, just open the profile and scroll to Record Type Settings. You can see and edit record type for specific object. But, hang on, how about if I have 100 profiles? It mean, you need to open all 100 profiles and check it one by one. Hmm, not a good one.

As of now (Summer '13 Release), there is no way to check in, which profiles are enable to specific record type. Admin have to manually open each profiles, then scroll to Record Type Settings related list to see if record type is enable for that profile. Can you imagine manual work if you have 100 profiles?

There is an idea posted in IdeaExchange, you are welcome to vote it

You can use IDE to identify which profiles have record type enable in specific object easier.

Here we go:

1. Open IDE (assume you have install IDE, if not Google it)

2. Add objects and profiles related into IDE.
Make sure to include ALL objects you want to check into Project Contents in IDE, otherwise you will not see the record type information in the profile.

3. Open the Profile,
Yes, you need to open all profiles in IDE, but of course this is faster and easier than open each profile in
Look for <recordTypeVisibilities> tage, you will see <visible> and <default> tags inside.

Record Type with visible = true is Enabled for that profile; and for default = true is default record type when user create new record in

Next, can we update using IDE?
Yes, you can just simply change the value from false to true; or from true to false.
Once you save in IDE, it will save in instantly.

Have fun....


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