Thursday, February 13, 2014

Salesforce Campaign field do not show in Lead page layout

A user come to me and ask, "Why the Campaign field in Lead page disappear after create a new lead?"

Hmmm... as system admin, what will you check?
- Make sure Campaign still exist in page layout - checked
- Check Field-Level Security for particluar user profile - checked

User still do not see Campaign field in Lead after it saved or when he edit a Lead, but it is visible when user create new Lead. After some finding, it is designed by default from

Here is the explanation:
1. The Campaign lookup field on the lead page only available when user create new Lead.

2. It will disappears after a new lead is created because the purpose of this field is to make it easier for the user when creating a new lead to associate an existing campaign while on the lead edit screen.

3. Upon this new lead creation if a campaign is associated from this lookup field, it will be shown in Campaign History related list. So, user can add more campaign from Campaign History related list in Lead Page Layout.

If we look to the data structure, Lead Id is a field in CampaignMember object.
Setup > Customize > Campaigns > Campaign Members > Fields

When a Lead is converted, the most recently associated campaign is brought over to the Opportunity Campaign Source field upon conversion.


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