Sunday, February 9, 2014

Delete Campaign in Salesforce

A user come to me that she do see delete button in a campaign she create wrongly.

As usual, I check user profile and page layout.
- User profile have delete permission on Campaign object - checked
- Page layout have delete button - checked
So, what is the caused?

Finding.... campaign is not the same with other object. You need to enable "Marketing User" for particular user to be able to see that 'Delete' button.
Click Your Name | Setup | Manage users | User | Look up for the user's name | Edit | Enable the marketing user checkbox | Save.

The Marketing User check box on the user profile page indicates whether or not a user has the right to create and manage campaigns including:

  • Create a new campaign
  • Edit an existing campaign
  • Delete an existing campaign
  • Update campaign statistics
  • Import leads into a campaign*
  • Mass update the status for members of a campaign*
  • Configure advanced campaign setup to define member status values
  • Run campaign reports across multiple campaigns
* In order to use the campaign import wizards, Marketing Users must also have the Marketing User profile (or the "Import Leads" permission in Enterprise Edition organizations).

Here is the knowledge article in Salesforce.


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