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Difference between Salesforce Lightning Design System(SLDS) and Lightning Components Framework

Difference between Salesforce Lightning Design System(SLDS)  and Lightning Components Framework 

Salesforce Lightning Design System 

It is a css framework which is used for creating dynamic web apps.   By Using SLDS  We can make our apps responsive and can also provide  Look and feel  similar to the Lightning Experience.

Steps to install the SLDS Unmanaged Packaged:

For using SLDS in our Salesforce org. First We need to install the Latest Salesforce Lightning Design System unmanaged packaged as a static resource zip file.

Unmanaged package :

Log into your Developer Org. Open the Salesforce Lightning Design System in a Separate window.

Go to the Download Section. Click on the latest unmanaged package Now click on Install it. After completing the above steps the package will get installed into your org.   

Benefits of using Salesforce Lightning Design System:

  • By using SLDS it’s easier to build apps which are responsive and also have the look and feel similar to Lightning Experience.
  • It is compatible with multiple browsers like  Google Chrome, Latest Mozilla Firefox,   Latest  Safari Latest Internet Explorer 11 and above .
  • It provides a robust grid system because of which It is easier to build responsive layouts that works elegantly across different screen sizes.
  • The CSS is fully namespaced with the slds- prefix to avoid CSS conflicts.

 Getting started:

Lightning Components Framework

It is built using Open Source Aura Framework. By Using Aura Framework We can build apps completely independent of the Data present in our Salesforce org.

Benefits Of Lightning Components Framework :
  • It provides an out-of-the-box set of components for building apps
  • When we use Lightning Components  Framework We do not need to worry about the optimization of our apps for different devices as  Components take care of that by themselves.
  • It uses the stateful client and stateless server architecture which uses Javascript on client side for managing UI component metadata and Application data.
  • It uses event Driven architecture which  enhances the decoupling  Between components.
  • It supports the latest  browser technology such as HTML5,CSS3.

Use Of Developer Console: The Developer Console provide us the tools which are Used for developing Components and applications. By Using Developer Console We can perform the following functions
  • We need to use File option for either creating or opening the following Lightning Resources:
  • Application
  • ComponentInterface
  • Event
  • We need to use sidebar to create or open client side resource.
  • Component
  • Controller
  • Helper
  • Style
  • Documentation
  • Render
Major difference between two systems.

 Lightning Design System(SLDS)
Lightning Component Framework 
        First of all Salesforce Lightning Design System is a CSS based framework. Used for creating dynamic apps while on the other hand Lightning Components  Framework 

uses aura components for creating the dynamic apps.
While in case of Salesforce Lightning Design System we need to write only one controller which will be a server side controller.
In case of Lightning Components Framework We need to write two Controllers    one for client side and the other one for server side.

Note:The client side Controller that we will write for Lightning Components Framework would be written using java script while the server side controller will be written using apex.      

Salesforce Lightning Design System(SLDS) do need some salesforce data which can be accessed using Javascript Remote Objects. 
By using Lightning Components Framework we can build an app which will be completely independent of salesforce data

Salesforce Lightning Design System are server-side centric
Lightning Components Framework are client-side centric

Equipped for creating dynamic web apps then Salesforce Lightning Design    System.
Because Lightning Components are client side centric therefore they are better.

As mentioned above Lightning Components are client side centric therefore they are more mobile friendly as compared to the Salesforce Lightning Design System(SLDS).
In Salesforce Designing System there is no such concept of Event Driven Programming.
In Lightning Component Framework Event Driven programming such as Javascript and java swing is used for writing helpers which responds to Interface events as they occur
Easy to Develop.
In the Lightning Component Framework we need to create two controllers and also it uses  event driven programming language such as  Javascript therefore it is much for complex as compared to the Salesforce Lightning Design System(SLDS)


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