Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dashboards in

Dashboards in


Dashboard is an amazing medium by which the companies whole information can be shared with the CEO as a SCREENSHOT. Some important things to know about Dashboard are:


*With Dashboard a user can even see the information to which he does not has the access, Thanks to the concept of Running User - ADM 201, CON 201, DEV 401 Certification Question

*One can have only 2 or 3 columns in a Dashboard - ADM 201 Certification Question
*In Home, Dashboard component you only see the FIRST ROW of the source dashboard - ADM 201 certification question

*You can restrict the access to a dashboard by restricting the access to a folder in which that dashboard is placed

*Dashboards can be scheduled to run any time during a day and you can get them delivered via an Email

*Dashboards can only be created with custom reports as the source reports. One can not have the standard reports as the source reports for the Dashboard – ADM 201 Certification Question

*Only 20 components can be added to a dashboard - ADM 201 Certification Question
*Deleted Dashboards can be retrieved from the Recyclebin



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