Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Salesforce Interview Questions Part 4

Salesforce Interview Questions Part 4

1.What is the difference between map and set in Salesforce collections.
2. Why Use Triggers? 
3. What are different types of Triggers?
4. Why Use Visual Force?
5. How do you handle errors?
6. What is a Component?
7.Tell me about a project with Salesforce in which you led the architecture that was not explicitly limited to the Salesforce infrastructure.
8.How long ago did you work on the above mentioned project?
9.Tell me about inner-department communications and your approach to communicating with non-technical team members.
10.What measures have you taken to make your software products more easily maintainable?
11.What development processes have you used in your recent projects? Were any tools used to support these processes? If so can you name some of the advantages and short comings of the tool/ tools?
12.What is an junction object?.
13.What is the difference between master detail relationship and look up relationship. ?
14.How will you handle 10001 SOQL problem in apex?
15. Define and
16.Explain some examples for work-flow rules?
17.What is the use of future method?
18.What is abstract class?.
19.Explain object oriented concepts in sales force how will you implement this?
20.How will you import and export data between two systems eg: SFDC and SQL? 
21.What is appexchange?
22.Explain about cloud?.
23.Explain about validation rules in salesforce?.
24.What is the difference between roles and profiles?.
25.What is the difference between record level ,field level, object level security?
26.How will you use web services in sales
27.Can you explain about limitation why this limitation placed in sales force.
28.what is view state in sales force?.It there is any limitation after winter11?
29.What is the difference between Role and Profile?
30.How you handle part of page refresh using VF?
31.How you can define a trigger is executed successfully?
32.Explain about yours current project?
33.How do you rate yours self in apex,VF?
34.How you can deal with project dead lines?
35.How you can use external WSDL files in Sales force?
36.What is difference between rest full and soap API?
37.What is yours Strong point Sales force?
38.How you can with SQL injections in Sales force?
39.Can you explain test methods in salesforce?
40.How did you display error messages in salesforce? On VF Pages?
41.Can you explain relationships in salesforce?
42.What are SOQL limitations?
43.How can bypass SOQL statement to fetch more 1000 records? 
44.What job did you like more in your carrier?
45.Can you explain a scenario integrating login method to third party application.
46.Can you explain about SFDC controllers?
47.Can you explain about sales process? 
48.What is a set in salesforce deployments?
49.How many ways you can invoke an work flow? 
50.What are governor limits can you explain about it?
51.East Sales Team can't access west sales team data how do you configure it?
52.What is Role,Profile,Security?
53.I have an contact .It phone number field is empty how you can get phone number from an related account?
54.How do you handle SOQL problem in Trigger?
55.How you can access JQuery in VF page?
56.What is change set in salesforce? 
57. What is transient variable in salesforce?
58.How you can measure trigger performance?


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