Thursday, August 14, 2014

How to open child records list from custom button on parent object?

How to open child records list from custom button on parent object?


In this post i am giving an example of how to display contact records in a VF page when we click on custom button on Accounts page. Once we click on Custom page it will call Visualforce page and display related contacts for the Account.


Goto Setup-->Customize-->Account--> Buttons Links and Actions-->Click on New Button Or Link-->Create a button with Label and Enter the code in Script Area.
"'/apex/ShowContactsForAccountVF?acId={!Account.Id}'); " --> click on Save.

save image


Once you are ready with custom button Goto Account Details Record-->Edit Page Layout-->Go to Button Section-->Drag the "Show Contacts" Button to Custom Buttons Area-->Save.

save image

once you save the page layout the button will display in Account Detail page like this.

save image

Step 3:
Develop controller Class for Visualforce page, here we need to capture the parameter of Account id from the Url like this  "accID=  ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('acId');"

public class ShowContactsForAccountCLS {
 Private Id accID;
 public List<Contact> contactList{get;set;}
 public ShowContactsForAccountCLS(){
   contactList = new List<Contact>();
   accID=  ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('acId');
   contactList =  [SELECT FirstName,LastName,Email,Phone FROM Contact WHERE AccountID = : accID];

Step 4: 
Develop a visualforce page with Custom controller and save it. here the page name should be same as in the button script. in my custom button script i gave the url as "/apex/ShowContactsForAccountVF?acId={!Account.Id}", So My page name should be ShowContactsForAccountVF.

Visualforce Page :

<apex:page controller="ShowContactsForAccountCLS">
<apex:pageBlock > 
 <apex:pageblockTable value="{!contactList}" var="cl">
   <apex:column value="{!cl.FirstName}"/>
   <apex:column value="{!cl.LastName}"/>
   <apex:column value="{!cl.Phone}"/>
   <apex:column value="{!cl.Email}"/>

Output : once you click on "Show Contacts" on Account Detail page it will open the contact details like this.

That's it...


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