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How Deploy Salesforce Profiles using Change Set?

How Deploy Salesforce Profiles using Change Set

Is it possible to deploy Profile using Change Set?

My experience in deploying Salesforce Profile using Change Set is very challenging (even using IDE). As of current Salesforce release (Winter '14), this feature is still very primitive, a few areas still not deployed properly and require manual configuration in Target instance:

  • Standard Object Layouts
  • Custom Object Layouts
  • Field-Level Security
  • Custom App Settings
  • Tab Settings
  • Record Type Settings
  • Standard Object Permissions
  • Custom Object Permissions
  • Apex Class Access
  • Visualforce Page Access

Below items will always deploy properly (overwrite target profile) when you add User Profile in 'Profile Settings For Included Components' :

  • Administrative Permissions
  • General User Permissions
  • Login Hours
  • Login IP Ranges
As profile is not Change Set Components, it will not allow you to Upload a Change Set. So, if you want to deploy just items related to 4 items above related to profiles, the workaround is to add any component to the change set, such as: custom field or others.

If you have a profile has been deleted in Target instance, and you deploy Change Set with that profile, deleted profile will be restored with all permissions before it is deleted.

For list of items in top portion above, if there is a Component Type for it, you can deploy them by adding into Component Type with Profile Settings For Included Components.

List of Component Type available in Change Set:

Account Criteria Based Sharing Rule

Account Owner Sharing Rule
Account Territory Owner Sharing Rule
Action (includes object-oriented publisher actions and global publisher actions)
Analytic Snapshot
Apex Class
Apex Sharing Reason
Apex Trigger
Approval Process (with some restrictions)
Assignment Rule
Auth. Provider
AutoResponse Rule
Button or Link
Call Center
Campaign Criteria Based Sharing Rule
Campaign Owner Sharing Rule
Case Criteria Based Sharing Rule
Case Owner Sharing Rule
Communities (Zones)
Compact Layout
Contact Criteria Based Sharing Rule
Contact Owner Sharing Rule
Custom Data Type
Custom Field
Custom Label
Custom Object
Custom Object Criteria Sharing Rule
Custom Object Owner Sharing Rule
Custom Report Type
Custom Setting
Email Template
External Data Source
Escalation Rule
Field Set
Flexible Page
Home Page Component
Home Page Layout
Language Translation
Lead Criteria Based Sharing Rule
Lead Owner Sharing Rule
List View
Opportunity Criteria Based Sharing Rule
Opportunity Owner Sharing Rule
Page Layout
Permission Set
Post Templates for Approvals in Chatter
Record Type
Remote Site
Send Action
Static resource
User Criteria Based Sharing Rule
User Membership Based Sharing Rule
Validation Rule
Visualforce Component
Visualforce Page
Workflow Email Alert
Workflow Field Update
Workflow Outbound Message
Workflow Rule
Workflow Task
Workflow Time Trigger

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